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Hokoji  Phoenix Light Temple
a place to practice zazen

Studying the Buddha Way is studying oneself.
Studying oneself if forgetting oneself.
Forgetting oneself is being enlightened by all things.

— Dogen

Sesshin is a silent meditation retreat devoted to zazen practice. At sesshin, practitioners are invited to
allow the mind to rest in its natural state and enter a shared silence that opens the heart and allows for a higher awareness to arise and grow.

The beauty of sesshin is that the opportunity to gain awareness is present all day long, through scheduled meditation, kinhin, chanting, sharing of meals in oryoki, and in silence together. One can come and simply turn over to the schedule so there is no need to plan or prepare an agenda or story; thus one's True Nature is revealed, or at least the spinning around in it. Within this structure, the focus is on zazen.

“One must disappear in the sitting. That is the only way.”

The daily schedule
During the day, we receive meals through the practice of oryoki--a  mindful way of eating that is a stylized begging ceremony. We also practice kinhin, or walking meditation, at intervals between sittings.

In the afternoons there is a work period and a tea-time informal discussion about practice. In the evening, there is a more formal talk.

Join us as you are able
If you cannot attend the entire sesshin, we recommend that you set an intention and come to a certain portion or portions of the day each day of the sesshin. It would be beneficial to attend the evening talk. One-on-one instruction is a part of sesshin and available to practitioners of all levels on request as well.

Contribute for continuity of the community

The suggested donation for sesshin is $35 per day.

Please join us for sitting and meals together, which add to the continuity of the retreat.

Click here to see a typical week-long sesshin schedule.
Extended morning sesshins are also held.

Evening zazen: every Thursday at 5:30 pm.   •    Hokoji is open every day.  •   Please join us in respect for stillness and sanctuary.


Hokoji was founded and survives on generosity. Through the spiritual, material, and monetary contributions — of those too many to mention here — the temple community quietly grows and nourishes. Your dana (donations) and volunteering are welcome.


Evening zazen: every Thursday at 5:30 pm.   •    Hokoji is open every day.  •   Please join us in respect for stillness and sanctuary.