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Bathroom Repair & Restoration

A successful Capital Campaign!

Ma, 2016-2017


Repair. Restore. Expand.

We launched a 6-month fundraising campaign in September of 2016. We raised more than $25,000 from over 70 donors, allowing us to begin work restoring the single bathroom in the Community House. Thanks to the generosity of a matching donor, and our community, we are now able to create a more private, larger, and safe washroom for future Hokoji visitors.

Before Restoration



The Project Ahead:  To create 2 new wash areas within the existing bathroom and laundry room spaces which are in need of major repair. The bathroom's do-it-yourself construction has served over time but is no longer adequate or safe. The ceiling and flooring are crumbling; the shower/tub framing is rotted.    




The Scope: Given the poor original construction, the project requires a complete removal and replacement of the floor, ceiling, plumbing, electrical, and fixtures. The space is about 435 square feet.  The reconstruction will be completed within the existing footprint.

We will strip down 2 adjoining areas, create one level of flooring throughout, re-floor  re-frame, new ceilings, utilities and fixtures. Restore + expand.  

Thank Yous: As we dedicate this time to the maintenance of Hokoji's physical space and future, we pay respects to the countless hours and decades of care that have gone into evolving the grounds, house and zendo into the welcoming and safe environment that it is today.

With a deep breath and bow, we also thank all of you in advance for your support and service during this large and necessary step toward preserving Phoenix Light Temple and its ability to serve all.


Respectfully yours,  Board of Directors, Hokoji Taos
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Ma, 2016-2017 Capital Campaign

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